CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Writing Reporting Events and Business Matters

Odisha State Board CHSE Odisha Class 12 Invitation to English 3 Solutions Writing Reporting Events and Business Matters Textbook Activity Questions and Answers.

CHSE Odisha 12th Class English Writing Reporting Events and Business Matters

8.1 Reporting Events

Generally, we come across events in daily newspapers. Reporting events requires a special skill in presenting the event accurately, concisely, and authentically. Various types of events take different forms of expression.

Now read the following news report from a staff reporter of a newspaper.

Now read the following news report from a staff reporter of a newspaper.

Answer these questions on the news item :

Question 1.
Who has been sentenced?
A doctor belonging to Ranchi has been sentenced.

Question 2.
How long is the sentence?
The sentence is for five years’ rigorous imprisonment.

Question 3.
Why has he been sentenced?
He has been sentenced because he was caught in the act of removing a kidney of one Nasir Ali when he was unconscious.

Question 4.
When was the case detected?
The case was detected by the police on May 8, 2008.

Question 5.
What was the doctor doing?
The doctor was trying to remove the kidney of the unconscious Nasir Ali.

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Writing Reporting Events and Business Matters

Activity – 1

A report about smuggling of fake currency notes appeared in The Times of India on 2 March 2009. The bare facts are given below. Write the report, using these facts.
Three Pakistani nationals have been arrested.
They were arrested on Monday.
Place of arrest, Amritsar.
They were attempting to smuggle fake currency notes.
The value of the currency notes was Rs. 20 lakh.
They were travelling by the Samjhauta Express.
The customs officials seized the fake currency notes.
This was the fifth major seizure.

Fake Currency Notes Siezed The Times of India News Service:
Amritsar March 2 : Custom officials seized currency notes worth Rs. 20 lakhs from three Pakistani nationals who were travelling by Samjhauta Express. They were arrested on Monday at Amritsar. This was the custom officials fifth major seizure.

Activity – 2

A newspaper reporter sent a report of an incident on March 12, 2009 over telephone. A sub-editor in the newspaper office, who received the telephone message, took the following notes. Use them to write up a report for the newspaper.
Five pick-pockets caught red-handed
In north Calcutta
Robbing passengers on a private bus
45 wallets and jewellery recovered
police arrested them.

Pick-pockets caught Red-handed
Calcutta March 12 : Police caught five pick-pockets in north Calcutta this Wednesday while they were trying to flee after having robbed passengers on a private bus. 45 wallets and jewellery were recovered from them. Police arrested them.

Activity – 3

There was a train accident in the area where you work as a news reporter. You went to the spot and talked to different people including some of the passengers. You also met the railway officials. The following are the points you noted down.
Train accident at Retang at 7.30 p.m. on 11 April.
Three bogies of the East Coast Express derailed.
7 bodies recovered so far
25 injured sent to hospital in Cuttack; 5 serious cases.
Rescue operations still on.
More bodies suspected trapped inside wreakage.

Train Derailed : Many Feared Dead, 25 Injured.
Retang, April 1 1 : Three bogies of the East Coast Express derailed here at 7 30 p.m. this morning. 7 bodies have been recovered so far but many are feared to be still trapped under the wreckage. The injured have been sent to the SC B Hospital Cuttack Oi 25 injured, five are in an extremely serious condition. Rescue operations are still on.

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Writing Reporting Events and Business Matters

Activity – 4

Below you can see a picture of an incident that happened in front of Badanibadi Bus Stand, Cuttack. Report the incident, using the hints given below the picture.

Report the incident, using the hints given below the picture.

Hints :
Badanibadi, Cuttack  12 December, 2008.  Morning 9
bulls ready to fight traffic held up
Bulls Hold up Traffic
Cuttack 12 : Traffic was held up for almost an hour from 9.00 am this morning at Badanibadi as two bulls were poised to fight in the middle of the road. The bull had locked horns while bystanders cheered them.

Activity – 5

Very often, as a students ’ representative, you may have to read out a report in a function, ceremony, meeting etc. At that time, you don’t have to make the mention of the place, date, etc. as is done in writing a news report. It is normally written like an essay.

A. The Minister of Education was the Chief Guest in the Annual Day Celebration of your college. Write a news report to be sent to a newspaper.

The Chief Editor,
The Times of Odisha, Bhubaneswar

Report on Annual Day Celebration

Cuttack: 12 March
The Annual Day celebration of A.K.B. College, Govindpur came off smoothly. The Hon’ble Education Minister Sri N. K. Patra was the Chief Guest. The celebration started with the national anthem and devotional song. The local Collector and Dist. Magistrate presided over the meeting. After a short speech made by the Hon’ble Chief Guest on the all-round development of the college, gave away the prizes for curricular and extracurricular activities of the students. The celebration was a grand success.

B. During the Annual Day celebration, you were asked to present a report on the students’ activities during the year. Draft your report.

A Report on Students’ Activities

The A.K.B. College, Govindpur has already been recognized as a unique educational institution imparting teaching on all branches/streams in the State. Elections to the students’ union, the dramatic society, the day-scholars’ Association, the +2 Cultural Association, etc. were held without any untoward incident. The performance of the students in curricular activities was excellent. Most of the students were awarded gold medals for their outstanding results in different streams. The mention of the co-operation and mutual understanding among the students in the college and outside would not be out of place here,

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Writing Reporting Events and Business Matters

8.2 Business Reports

Business reports are mainly based on market condition, market surveys or market- analyses. We usually take into account the background information, method of investigation, findings, and recommendations while preparing business reports. Besides, we follow direct and factual language based on the market-surveys and market analyses. There is no scope of rendering personal feelings or attributing subjective interpretations.

Activity – 6

Here is a report about the introduction of a new mosquito-repellant. Read the report, paying attention to various parts.

Quality Marketing Agency
27 Janpath, Bhubaneswar

4 March, 2013

Mr. M. Pradhan
Managing Director
Home Products India Ltd.
Industrial Estate
Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar.
Dear Mr. Pradhan,
As requested by you, vide your letter No. MD/NS/2233 dated 2.2.2013, we have carried out a market survey to test the public acceptance of the mosquito repellant which your company plans to manufacture. We conducted an opinion poll covering 1000 families in the coastal districts of Odisha. Forty percent of these families use mosquito repellants, but most of them are unhappy with the existing products in the market. They find the electronic repellants too expensive while the coil-based ones emit too much smoke.

The preference is for a less expensive product, preferably one that produces no smoke. Our study suggests there may be a good market for a new repellant, provided these requirements are kept in mind. We recommend that your company should concentrate on manufacturing an improved kind of smoke-free mosquito coil, preferably one that produces a pleasant fragrance.
Yours sincerely,
S.K. Patnaik
Director of Research
Quality Marketing Agency

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Writing Reporting Events and Business Matters

You must have observed that the report has been written in the format of a business letter. However, it could be written in a different format as given below.

Date : 4 March 20
To : Mr M Pradhan, Managing Director, Home Products India Ltd. Industrial Estate, Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar
From : S.K. Patnaik, Director of Research, Quality Marketing Agency 27 Janpath, Bhubaneswar
Subject : Survey report on the Introduction of a new mosquito repellant.

A Report On The Introduction Of A New Mosquito Repellant

A market survey to test the public’s acceptance of a new mosquito repellant was conducted in the coastal districts of Odisha on 20 February, 20 by Quality Marketing
Agency, Bhubaneswar.
An Opinion poll covering 100 families ……………………. etc.
An improved kind of smoke-free mosquito coil, preferably one that produces a pleasant fragrance is likely to be widely accepted by the public.
(Director of Research)

Activity – 7

Imagine that you are the President of the Literary Society of your College. Your Society plans to publish a journal. You have asked the Secretary of the Society to contact all the printing firms in town and to select one of them to print your journal.

Literary Society, Kulailey College, Kailey

5 February 2012

Prof. B. Pujari
President, Literary Society
As desired by you a team consisting of the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the society contacted all five printing firms in town and obtained quotations from them for printing of the proposed journal. All the firms quoted the same price, that is Rs. 5000/- for 1000 copies. Rasmita Printers, however, offered a discount of ten per cent, provided we allowed them an extra period of fifteen days for printing. Since we do not need the copies of the journal till a month later, we could consider the offer of Rasmita Printers as it will cost us Rs. 500/- less than the offers quoted by other printing firms.
Yours faithfully,
S. Pujari

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Writing Reporting Events and Business Matters

Activity – 8

A customer approached a bank for a house building loan. Before sanctioning the loan, the Branch Manager asked the Field Officer to examine the application and suggest whether the loan should be sanctioned.

The following is the report that the Field Officer wrote. Some parts of the report are missing. Re-write the missing parts, using the hints supplied. (See the letter at textbook page 75)

CRP Square

3 March, 2012

Prof. M. Mishra
Branch Manager
SBI PD Branch
CRP Square

1. As desired by you in your letter No. 254 dt. 24 February 2010, I examined the application of Mr. J.K. Panda for a house-building loan. I also personally inspected the site, interviewed Mr Panda and examined the documents relating to the plot.
2. My examination of the application and the relevant documents reveal that the site is an undisputed one. Till date all land cess has been paid and the plot is litigation free. Mr J.K. Panda is the owner of the plot and he has clear papers certifying its ownership. The plot is 112 decimals in size and its market value is around Rs. 8.00 lakhs. Mr Panda also has a regular income of Rs. 15,000 and has no outstanding loan to his account.
3. As Mr Panda is a deserving party, the sanction of the loan is recommended
Yours faithfully,
K.C. Panigrahy
Field Officer

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Writing Reporting Events and Business Matters

Activity – 9

Imagine that you are the foreman in a factory. There has been a fire in the Factory and one of the workers has been badly burnt and is in hospital. Your General Manager has asked you to send him a report on the fire. Write a report.

Corporate Office, Metro Towers
Bhubaneswar – 751007

28.3. 2012

Mr J.B. Sahu
General Manager
Jayashree Chemicals
Corporate Office, Bhubaneswar
1. As desired by you vide your letter No. JC 289 dt. 20.3.2012, I conducted an enquiry into the fire that ravaged the factory at the Mancheswar Industrial Estate.
2. On inspection of the fire ravaged site and after interviewing the workers present during the incident, I discovered that the fire was caused by the Careless throwing of a lighted cigarette into the boiler room where it ignited a dry rope. The rope was lying in contact with a jar of petrol kept by an employee for his personal use. The jar of petrol caught fire immediately and broke into high flames that ravaged the electrical circuit. Fortunately, there was no one in the boiler room as it was lunch time except Mr Lingaraj Patra who was cleaning some machine part.
3. He has received 40 per cent bums in his body and has been admitted at the Kalinga hospital. He is presently out of danger and the personnel department has already sanctioned Rs. 50,000 for his treatment.
4. Damage to the boiler section of the factory was limited to the minimum by the quick action of our fire personnel. A few chairs and benches must be replaced and the Electrical circuit done up again.
This is for your kind information.
Yours faithfully
D.P. Dehury
Chief Security Officer
Jayashree Chemicals

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Writing Reporting Events and Business Matters

Activity – 10

Your club wants to buy a CTV (Colour TV) set. You have been asked to contact various firms marketing such sets and make your recommendation on the brand to be bought. Make a comparative study of the price, quality and durability of different brands of CTV and make a report.

213 Kharvela Nagar

21 April 2012

Mr P. Khuntia
The Secretary
Young Folks Club
213 Kharavela Nagar
Dear Mr Khuntia,

As requested by you I contacted 10 dealers of colour television in the town and personally inspected several makes of colour televisions in their showrooms. LG, Samsung, Philips and Onida companies all offer 25” CTVs at competitive prices. Of course L.G. is the costliest at Rs. 58,000 but it employs the golden eye technology which is truly soothing to the eyes. Samsung and Onida brands are also good. The unique thing about the Samsung T V. is that it offers two games in its set but we cannot afford members fiddling with the game program of the T.V. while others want to watch programs.

Except for its woofer impacted quality the Videocon CTV’s picture quality is no match for those of other brands. The Onida brand is good. It commands a price tag of Rs. 50,000. However its after sales-service is doubtful as the dealer here does not guarantee qualified personnel from the company to give service. However with a price tag of Rs. 48,000/- and a 5 year warranty contract, quality picture and sound, the Philips flatron CTV is perhaps the best that our town has to offer.

The concerned dealer is offering a free Antennae along with booster as well as 10 VCD’s with the T.V. He has also agreed to transport the CTV and to install it in our conference Hall free of cost. It is therefore recommended that the Shanti Electronics, 105, Bapuji Nagar, Bhubaneswar be contacted and the Philips Flatron CTV be bought from them at the price as well as the terms and conditions offered by them.
Yours faithfully
Girish Mishra
Joint Secretary
Young Folks Club

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