CHSE Odisha Class 11 English Grammar Story Developing

Odisha State Board CHSE Odisha Class 11 Invitation to English 4 Solutions Grammar Story Developing Textbook Activity Questions and Answers.

CHSE Odisha 11th Class English Grammar Story Developing

A. Introduction:

A story is made up of a number of events or happenings. Let us look at your own story or part of it. On Sundays, I get up at six in the morning. After a quick wash, I get into my jugging rig and go for a run. By 6.30 I am on the road. I run for half an hour. I return home and have a leisurely bathing, a luxury I cannot afford on weekdays. The bath is over, I get ready quickly. What have you done? You have described the events or your activities on a Sunday morning, in the order in which they take place. You can start with what you do first, then go on to what you do next, and so on until you come to your test activity.

B. A beginning, a middle, and an end:

Like any other piece of information, a story has a beginning, a middle, and an end – it is a complete whole. It invites you and opens the door for you; then it leads you through the plot; and finally, it shows you out at the exit, you walk out happy and satisfied and a door gently shuts behind you. The story ‘Jangled Bells’ is a case in point. It shows three stages. The transition from one stage to the next is not abrupt or sudden; it is smooth and natural.

CHSE Odisha Class 11 English Grammar Story Developing

C. The beginning of a story:

How a story begins is very important. The beginning should catch the reader’s attention and urge him to read on. It should set the scene for the action and the mood.

D. Sequence of events:

A story is the narration of action. All action occurs in time. The most natural way of narrating a story is to give the events strictly in the order in which they happened; with one event leading naturally and logically to the next. “What happened then ?” is the question the storyteller should ask himself at every stage.

E. Paragraphing a story:

The events in a story will fall into a few clusters of happenings, each cluster will have unity of time, place, and action. Each cluster can be put into a paragraph. Paragraphing a story is really a simple thing. Just remember that each paragraph tells one part of the story.

F. The Background:

The story must have a background in which the plot takes place. The background is usually set at the very beginning: It is sometimes done through descriptions of the place, the season, the time, etc. The descriptions should be rich in sensory impression — the reader should see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the atmosphere.

For example:
I was traveling across the desert with Mehmood Ah and his caravan of eighty camels and eighteen men. Ah was a dignified old man with fierce dark eyes and a white beard. His commands were the only laws that the men of the caravan knew.
How is the scene of the story set? (desert, caravan — camels, men, etc.)

CHSE Odisha Class 11 English Grammar Story Developing

G. The characters in a story:

The characters are the people in the story. The story is about ‘them — what they do. how they feel, what they say, etc. The characters must seem to be alive and doing things — not just moving through the story like puppets. They must look like people we see in real life; they must be believable. Each character should have special traits. The way he tells, the way he feels, and the way he reacts to things must be distinctly his own. Only then would he become an individual, not just one of the crowd.

H. Attitude:

She did the right thing!
That was an awful thing to do!
‘Poor woman! How she suffered at his hands?’

These are three different reactions to what someone did: approval, condemnation, and sympathy. But the action was the same; the difference is in the way the three people looked at it. It is the storyteller’s attitude that can change the story very much.

I. Dialogue:

It is possible for the storyteller to report what the characters say. But if this is done throughout he story it can become monotonous. Quoting the actual words of the characters will inject life into the story.

J. The end of a story:

A story must have a natural and definite ending. It should come to an end, not just stop suddenly. It should not leave the reader in the air – unhappily and wondering. The ending should give the feeling of completeness like the final knot on a garland of flowers.

Questions :

Question 1.
Complete a story that ends with the following paragraph :
The tail of the plane was in flames and the pilot knew he would not be able to land safely. There was another loud bang somewhere behind him. He made up his mind. He pulled the rip cord. In seconds he found himself sailing through space, the parachute billowing above him. Below him, he saw the plane crash on the field and explode like a bomb.

CHSE Odisha Class 11 English Grammar Story Developing

Nick was bored with life. Everybody was exactly the same. He now wanted to break the monotony. It was summer vacation. He decided to go to Kashmir to enjoy its picturesque details. He arranged a plane ticket for the purpose. It was Sunday. He woke up at 6.30. The sun was shining, and the birds were singing. A gentle breeze was blowing. He got ready to catch up on his flight at 9.30. He. reached the airport one hour before the take-off time.

Nick’s mind wandered in the beautiful valley. His spirit soared. He was looking at his watch on and on. The moment he had been waiting for had come at last. The loudspeakers announced her flight. With a heart of excitement, Nick boarded the plane and sat near the window. The plane took off. Nick looked out of the window. What a beautiful sight! All of a sudden, ominous whispering among the passengers caught his attention. Then they gave loud shrieks. Nick felt terribly confused.

To his stunned disbelief, Nick noticed the plane swing violently. The tail of the plane was in flames and the pilot knew he would not be able to land safely. There was another loud bang somewhere behind him. He made up his mind. He pulled the rip cord. In seconds he found himself sailing through space, the parachute billowing above him. Below him, he saw the plane crash on the field and explore like a bomb.

Question 2.
The day was fine and the clock struck nine. I had an interview at ten. What if I got late? I was in the middle of a busy street, (continue …………)

The day was fine and the clock struck nine. I had my interview at ten. What if I got late? I was in the middle of a busy street. The vehicles moved at a snail’s pace. I was getting more and more tensed. If I couldn’t make it, my career would be at stake. I had no other option but to wait. I checked out my watch. “God ! it was already 9.30.” My heart started hammering within my ribs. I had to do something. Just then I was reminded of a narrow lane some yards away which was a shortcut.

With much difficulty, I parked my car. But that was not the end to my problems. The traffic police stopped me for the wrong parking. When the senior officer came, I explained the situation to him. Thankfully, he understood and even helped me get there. When I reached there it was just two minutes to ten. I heared a sigh of sweet relief. The moment of truth came at last. 1 was called for the interview. It was a hectic one. I responded to the questions of the members with a great deal of confidence.

They shook hands with me. I noticed smiles on their faces at the time of my departure. A thrilling experience indeed! A month passed by. I had been waiting for the moment when my appointment would come. Sincerity never goes unrewarded. The moment I had been waiting for came at last. I got my appointment letter. Excitement was in the air. I was really on the moon. That day’s experience still lingers in my memory.

CHSE Odisha Class 11 English Grammar Story Developing

Question 3.
Provide a suitable ending to the following story.
As Sandhya was sitting on the steps at the temple two terrorists appeared. They were armed with AK-56 rifles and hand grenades. She was driven into panic at their sight. To her horror, she found them entering the temple. They fired their shots indiscriminately. The silent prayers of the devotees turned into wailing in a flash. Thousands of them ran hither and thither to save themselves from the brutal attacks of the two dreaded terrorists.

The pitiable cries of women and children moved Sandhya to tears. She was fortunate to leave that spot in a flash. I stood at a distance and was a silent spectator to the ghastly scene. They killed 29 innocent devotees and 3 children and injured 74 others. In the night-long operation to flush out the terrorists, the national security guards lost two of its commandos and the State Reserve Police two of its personnel, the terrorists were killed early the next morning.

Whenever we meet by chance, Sandhya tells me she cannot forget the harrowing moment of that day. She still remembers when she was having a close look at the snow-white Akshardham temple, sitting on its marble steps. It is the pride of the Swaminarayan Sect. The bloodshed in the place of worship, which stands for universal peace and brotherhood has left many questions unanswered. There should be conceited efforts to eliminate terrorism for all time to come.

CHSE Odisha Class 11 English Grammar Story Developing

Question 4.
Provide a suitable beginning to the story.
At last, a foolish Brahmin passed by that way. Seeing him the tiger begged him to let him come out from the cage. He took pity on the tiger and opened the door of the cage. As soon as the door was opened the tiger came out and wanted to eat the Brahmin. The Brahmin now realized that he had acted foolishly. However, he told the tiger that he had done a good service to him, so he should not eat him. But the ungrateful tiger would not listen to his argument.

He said that he was very hungry. So he must eat him. The Brahmin was quite helpless. At this time a fox came there. He heard from the Brahmin what had happened. He wanted to decide the matter. But first of all, he must see how the tiger got into the cage and how the Brahmin helped him to get out. They agreed. The tiger then got into the cage through the open door. The fox then shut the door.

The tiger was thus again trapped in the cage. The fox now asked the Brahmin to throw the cage into the river. He called other men to help him. They heard the story and dragged the cage to the bank of the nearby river. Then they threw it into the water. The ungrateful tiger was drowned. Thus, the clever fox saved the foolish Brahmin’s life.

Once a tiger was caught in a cage. He tried much to get out. The door of the cage was shut and the iron bars of the cage were very strong. So he could not come out. He asked the passers-by to let him out. But none dared to do so. They feared that the tiger would eat them if he could come out once.

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