CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Extended Writing

Odisha State Board CHSE Odisha Class 12 Invitation to English 3 Solutions Extended Writing Textbook Activity Questions and Answers.

CHSE Odisha 12th Class English Extended Writing

Writing essays, letters, applications, stories, etc. requires as much skill as in writing a paragraph. It is an art, and when accomplished, develops the writer’s intellectual horizon, especially in literature. Under the circumstances, people are required to write letters or applications for certain purposes. In order to keep in touch with their relatives, friends, or kith and kin, people are required to write letters.

Some people are required to write applications to take leave or get any grant, etc. and some others under different situations prepare reports of the job they are assigned to do. There are still some people who write short stories, dramas, articles, etc. for the purpose of their publication in newspapers, weekly/fortnightly / monthly magazines. However different types of writings under different situations require different forms and norms.

When writing is meant for a reader or a group of readers, it then follows a set of principles or conventions which bind the form of writing within specified confines. Accordingly, the writer has to follow certain norms and regulations so as to produce his / her writing in an elegant and readable form. The theme of writing a composition is firstly expressed in the first instance. When a single sentence cannot express the whole thing we want to write, then we require a number of sentences to be written which are normally linked with one another.

In course of such writing with the combination of some related sentences, we are able to express our view(s) / idea(s) exactly to the point. Writing essays, so to say, is an extended form of writing different paragraphs at one place to express the idea or subject matter neatly. Traditionally speaking, essay is an extended form of writing some paragraphs on a given topic. But, on the other hand, essay today is not confined to the four comers of set topic as was prevalent in the past.

Essay is, no doubt, a written composition less elaborate than a treaty, or it may be an experimentation of one’s intellectual depth of the domain of thinking. It is a form of free writing or development on any topic expressed in an elegant literary language. In this respect, essay has become a highly subjective and personalized form of writing bereft of any ostensible purpose at the back. Hence, it is apt to observe that essay is free from any burden or pressure or any narrowness of feeling; rather it takes its birth in one’s fanciful imagination and leisure and the essayist is in a state of ecstasy unlike ordinary human beings.

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Extended Writing

Activity – 1

Can you now think of points for writing on “Your first day in college” ? Can you arrange these hints into points and develop them into a passage of 3 to 4 paragraphs ?

My First Day At College
New atmosphere:
After passing the Secondary Examination, I got myself admitted to the Higher Secondary (i.e. Intermediate) class of a college in Kolkata. After admission when I attended college for the first time, I found myself in a new atmosphere. It seemed to be a different world from the one in which I had spent seven or eight years. The big building, the spacious staircase, the big classrooms, the wide corridors, the Principal’s room, the Professors’ room were in great contrast with those in my school. They left a deep impression on me.

The class arrangements:
The first interesting thing was the arrangement of classes. We had to attend school from 10.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. with no break except the recess for half an hour for tiffin and recreation. But on the first day I attended college at 1 p.m. My first class began at 1 p.m. It was a new experience to me. On the first day I had only three classes. Between two classes again there was an interval of one period.

Another difference from school life was the changing of classrooms. Instead of having all the classes in the same room, we* had to go to different rooms for different classes. A large number of students had to pass through the corridors to go from one room to another. Naturally, there was some noise. But it ceased when we took our seats in our respective classes. It was a novel experience for me.

Professors’ lectures:
We were about one hundred and fifty students in our class, so it was a very big class. It was the class of a Professor of English. He came and called our rolls. He welcomed us and gave an introductory lecture about our new life in college and how different it was from school life. He hoped that we should all follow his lecture attentively. I felt that it was not possible for him to take individual care of us as it was done in the school.

In this respect, it seemed to me that the teaching in school was better. The Professor gave his lecture in a general way. I took my seat on one of the front benches. I made it a point to listen to his lecture attentively, otherwise, I would be the loser and not him. There was no fear of punishment for neglecting lessons in the class. Hence some students sat on the back benches. They had no books. They did not seem to be attentive.

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Extended Writing

Activity – 2

You have already read “On the Road to Jaipur”, “A Day with Magumaster” and “First Day”. All these are narrative texts. Similarly, write a narrative text on any one of the following topics.
(a) On the Road to (A place of your choice)
(b) A day with grandpa/grandma
(c) My Last Birthday

(a) On the Road to Puri:
My place of choice is always Puri. I enjoy my journey to this world famous holy place from Cuttack. The travel is delightful to the core. On the road to Puri is Bhubaneswar, the city of temples and the capital of Odisha. N.H. 5 passes through it. The four-lane road that leads to Bhubaneswar is one of the busiest ones in India. Thousands of trucks, cars and two- wheelers ply on the road, which is the life-blood of trade and commerce.

Bhubaneswar with its beautiful building and Lingaraj temple compels any traveler’s attention. The snow-white temple of Thakur Anukulchandra never escapes anyone’s notice. From Bhubaneswar, another fine wide road takes us to Puri. On the way, I catch sight of marvelous Buddha Stupa arid Pipili which has carved a name for itself for unique canopies. From Pipili, I go to Konark. This Sun Temple is indeed a symphony in stone.

From this place, I drive towards Puri along an unbelievably scenic Marine Drive. The sight of the sea marvels me. The splendor of nature on the road to Puri fascinates me beyond imagination. At last, I reach my grand destination – Puri, a place which is visited by thousands of pilgrims every day for its world-renowned Jagannath temple and magnificent sea beach.

(b) A day with grandma:
My mind now goes back to 1990. It was Sunday. At dawn, my grandma woke up. She wanted me to take my bath as early as possible. At first, I could not understand anything. She was shivering in cold. Because it was Kartik Pumima. She was interested to take me to a temple nearby. Bitter winter prevented me from taking my bath and accompanying her to the temple. My grandma, even at the ripe old age of 92, was very stubborn.

She insisted on finishing my work. I could not but obey her. My grandma’s joy knew no bounds when I went to the temple. On the way, she told me how my grandpa was religious. She was walking very fast. We reached the temple soon. She said her prayers for some minutes. I marked, when she was praying, tears rolled down her cheeks. I felt terribly sad. We came back home. I lost my mother soon after my birth. My father was irresponsible. My grandma was dutiful to the core.

She prepared breakfast, We ate together. She seemed to be very happy. As usual, after finishing her breakfast, she read her religious books. Then she rested for some time. All of a sudden she called me in a loud voice. I rushed to her. She was feeling restless. My father was out. I felt desperate. I called one of my friends and said to him to call the doctor. I was trying to give her comfort. The doctor came and took her temperature. It was 103. He gave me a prescription and instructed me to give her medicines in time. My friend bought them at once.

I gave her medicines, water, and fruit from time to time. The news of my grandma’s illness spread thick and fast. She was an object of respect in the eyes of the villagers. They came to see my grandma. The day passed, but there was no change in her temperature. She muttered something. It was 8 p.m. Silence had descended on the village. I sat by her helplessly. Her last. words were ‘Hai Ram’. She left me forever. I wept bitterly. Years have rolled by. Her beautiful face still swims before my eyes. I still treasure her loving care and valuable advice. Her affectionate words linger in my memory.

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Extended Writing

(c) My Last Birthday
I always look forward to enjoying a special moment in my life – my birthday. The celebration of my last birthday is an unforgettable one. It was the day when my second-year (Science) result was out. I had come out with flying colors. I felt as if I were on the moon. My entire family decided to celebrate my birthday with pomp and ceremony. The hall was exquisitely decorated with balloons and colored lights. I imagined it was heaven on earth. Guests including my lecturers, friends, and relatives reached our house in time.

It was a brilliant summer moonlit night. A gentle breeze passed through the hall. The moonlight that came through the window lent a rare beauty to that place. The moment I had been waiting for came at last. I was exactly 9 p.m. I caught my birthday cake amidst the clapping and cries, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday, Sanskar of my parents and guests. I put out the candle that surrounded it. To my untold excitement, I gently put pieces of cake into the mouths of my parents and my sister and then to the invitees. They showered their blessings on me. There were gifts all around. I was beside myself with joy when my father presented me a laptop. They all attended the dinner gleefully. The guests departed with smiles on their faces.

Activity – 3

Distribute the following topics among the members of your group, so that each one is assigned one topic. Think over your assigned topic for five minutes and write down all the ideas that come to your mind. You should not write full sentences, write only short phrases or single words. Then let each member arrange his/her ideas under some main points and discuss these main points with the members of the group. Now, develop these into paragraphs – just like the text on the thermometer. List of topics – Your ballpoint pen, Your bicycle/scooter /motorcycle, A cricket field, An alarm clock, etc.

Your Ball-point Pen:
My ballpoint pen is a unique one. Its specialty is its German fluid ink, though it is made in India. It is made of special material. It has an orbital tip. It is very light. The color of my ballpoint pen is pink. It is glossy. It is not a ‘use and throws’ one. When the ink is finished, I put another refill into it. It looks very simple but attractive. It is remarkable for its smooth writing. My ballpoint pen is neatly designed. Near its hole where refill is put lies a round shining lends beauty to the pen. This cello ballpoint pen is my treasured possession.

Your Bicycle:
My bicycle is the cheapest and simplest form of transport on wheels. It consists of the main frame and a secondary frame both joined together and triangular in shape. The main frame has a head tube in its front. The handle of my bicycle protrudes out from the upper end of the head tube while the fork protrudes out from the lower end of the head tube. A inner bolt holds both the handle and the fork in place. At the lower end of the fork is the front axle which holds the wheel.

At the opposite end of the upper end of the head, the tube is a tube that protrudes out of the hollow of the main frame. This has a nut-bolt arrangement to hold the seat. Similarly, the peak of the triangular main frame has a hole and axle arrangement to which the crank is connected. The secondary frame has a seat-stay which serves as a support for the weight on the seat. The upper end of the seat stay is joined to the main frame while the lower end forks out into two legs which hold the rear wheel in place.

The wheels consist of a central spoke holder from which spokes radiate out into the rim of the wheel where it is screwed. The spokes keep the rim in shape and support it. Besides this, the wheel has an inflatable tube and an outer tire. The tube has a valve through which air is pumped into it. This valve emerges on to the outer side of the rim through a hole in it. The crank is held oy the main frame while the rear frame holds a sprocket wheel. A chain extends from the crank and is wound around the sprocket wheel.

The chain is fitted onto them and locked. The crank further has two pedals joined to it. When force is applied to the pedals, the crank turns and this chain transmits this force applied to the sprocket wheel which is attached to the rear wheel, thereby moving it. Consequently, the cycle moves. To facilitate proper control of the bike, there are brakes. Brake levers attached to the handle and have brake brackets with rubber on them which are fitted close to the rear and front wheels. Besides this, mudguards are provided for both wheels. Finally, a bell and a stand complete the bike. The stand serves as a prop to keep the bicycle standing.

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Extended Writing

Your Motorcycle:
My motorcycle is one of the most popular means of conveyance. Now different brands are manufactured by different companies. Each of them has a distinctive feature. Mv motorcycle consists of various parts, such as a handle, brake, fuel tank, silencer pipe, engine (four- stroke) carburetor, clutch lever, speedometer, two tires, and indicator (front and rear) compartment. These parts are systematically set in the bike – comfortable seat, headlight, shock absorber, and so on.

Four-stroke motorbike is superior to a two-stroke one. because the former has smooth pick-up. Besides, it doesn’t produce defeaning sound: On the other hand, the motorbike having a two-stroke engine doesn’t have that smooth pick-up. It produces sound. The consumption of a four-stroke engine is better than that of a two-stroke engine. The former is economical. Replacement of engine oil at the scheduled time is of great importance. Now wherever we notice, we see varieties of wonderful bikes playing on the road.

A Cricket Field:
The expression ‘A cricket field’ excites me in great measure. Amidst thousands of spectators, it comes to life in a flash. First of all, it must be smooth and grassy -rue. The length of a cricket field is not the same in all cricket-playing nations. In India, it has about 65 yards long, but in Australia, it is 85. An essential part of a cricket field is its pitch where the players bat and run between the wickets. This pitch is 22 yards in length. It includes two batting creases on both sides.

It is IV2 yards long from three stumps which are fixed almost about 5 cm from each other. The bells are placed on them, they are called wickets. A line is drawn there. Inside it stands a batsman. In power-play, the length of the field is restricted to 30 yards. When a batsman hits that cross its boundary is called a boundary (4 runs; This means the batsman has got four runs. If he strikes the ball that goes over the boundary without touching the ground is called a sixer. Here the batsman gets six runs. The presence of two umpires, eleven fielders, and two batsmen during the match lends a rare beauty to a cricket field.

An Alarm Clock:
An alarm clock is one that wakes up at a particular time by making a noise. It comes in different designs, sizes, and colors. It is made of different materials. That depends on the manufacturers. An alarm clock has a background called a face with hands that point to the hours and minutes. A digital alarm clock shows the time as a set of numbers. It has great importance in our lives. Today, life has become a hectic one.

In times of emergency, we need an alarm clock most. When we are in a state of delicious slumber, we have an urgent call to attend at a particular time or to go to the station or airport early, its defeaning noise wakes us up. As a result, we become conscious of our duties. Because of it, we cultivate a sense of timing. Thanks to the strides made in the field of science and technology, now mobile phones are playing the role of alarm clocks.

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Extended Writing

Activity – 4

Now, discuss any one of the following topics in your group. Generate ideas, write them down, organize them into broader sections and write down the outlines. Then distribute the broader sections among the members so that each member can write a paragraph on one of them. You have to do all these quickly so that you can beat other competing groups in the class.
Topics: Concrete
Sports and Games
The Value of Education
The Professions of your choice.

Sports and Games:
Some people seem to think that sports and games are unimportant things that people do, at times when they are not working, instead of going to the cinema, listening to the radio, or sleeping. But in actual fact, sports and games can be of great value, especially to people who work with their brains most of the day, and should not be treated only as amusements. Sports and games make our bodies strong, prevent us from getting too fat, and keep us healthy. But these are not their only uses.

They give us valuable practice in making eyes, brains and muscles work together. In tennis, our eyes see the ball coming, judge its speed and direction, and pass this information on to the brain. The brain then has to decide what to do, and to send its orders to the muscles of the arms, legs, and so on, so that the ball is met and hit back where it ought to go. All this must happen with very great speed, and only those who have had a lot of practice at tennis can carry out this complicated chain of events successfully. For those who work with their brains most of the day, the practice of such skills is especially useful.

Sports and games are also very useful for character training. In their lessons at school, boys and girls may learn about such virtues as unselfishness, courage, discipline, and love of one’s country. But what is learned in books cannot have the same deep effect on a child’s character as what is learned by experience. The ordinary day school cannot give much practical training in living, because most of the pupils’ time is spent in classes, studying lessons.

So it is what the pupils do in the spare time that really prepares them to take their place in society as citizens when they grow up. If each of them learns to work for his team and not for himself on the football field, he will later find it natural to work for the good of his country instead of only for his own benefit.

CHSE Odisha Class 12 English Extended Writing

The prospect of defeat in sports and games should not unnerve us. Sometimes we fear failure. Failures are a part and parcel of life. We forget it: ‘hopes are dupes’, fears may be bias. Moreover, defeat should not disappoint us. Sports and games teach us the way to face failure which we come across as an enemy comer. We live in an era of globalization. We should move with changing times. George Orwell, one of the most eminent English writers, satirized sports and games. Let us forget it. We believed in one world. Sports and games pave the way for our cosmopolitan outlook. Men may come and men may go, but they go on forever.

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