CHSE Odisha Class 11 Education Book Solutions (+2 1st Year)

CHSE Odisha 11th Class Education Book Solutions (+ 2 1st Year)

Unit 1 Fundamental of Education

Unit 2 Fundamentals of Educational Psychology

Unit 3 Education and Society

Unit 4 Method of Teaching

CHSE Odisha Class 11 Education Syllabus (+2 1st Year)

Theory – 70 marks & Practical – 30 marks.
Theory Paper – I

Unit I Fundamental of Education (20 periods)
Meaning of Education, Aims of Education – Individual, Social, Democratic and Vocational, Function of education, Agencies of education, Formal, Informal, Non-formal, Active & Passive, Role Family, School, Community & Mass media as agencies of education.

Unit II Fundamentals of Educational Psychology (20 periods)
Meaning, Nature & Scope of educational psychology, Importance of educational psychology for the teacher, Growth & Development – Meaning, General Principles & factors affecting, growth & development, Stages of growth and development – Physical, Intellectual, Social & Emotional growth & development during infancy, Childhood and Adolescence.

Unit III Education and Society (20 periods)
Relationship between education & society Education for social change & social Control Education for social mobility, Education for citizenship & socialization, Gender disparity and the role of education Globalization and its impact on education

Unit IV Method of Teaching (20 periods)
(Any one of the following method subjects English, Odia, Mathematics, History, Geography & General Science)
Aims and Objectives, Methods of teaching applicable for elementary level, Teaching learning materials (TLM) purpose & use, General principles and Maxims of teaching, Objective based objective type test items, meaning & principles of construction.

PRACTICAL (60 periods)
A – Preparation of five lesson plans in the selected method subject. (30 periods)
B – Preparation of fifteen objective type test items, 5 each pertaining to knowledge, comprehension & skill objectives on a particular topic of the selected method subject. (30 periods)

1. Bureau Uchcha Madhyamik Siksha (in Odia)
2. Bureau’s Higher Secondary Education I.

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