CHSE Odisha Class 11 Logic Book Solutions (+2 1st Year)

CHSE Odisha 11th Class Logic Book Solutions (+ 2 1st Year)

Unit 1 ତର୍କଶାସ୍ତ୍ରର ପ୍ରକୃତି, ତର୍କଶାସ୍ତ୍ର ଏବଂ ଭାଷା

Unit 2 ତର୍କବାକ୍ୟ

Unit 3 ଆରୋହାନୁମାନର ପ୍ରକୃତି, ସମସ୍ୟା ଓ ପଦ୍ଧତି ଆରୋହାନୁମାନ ଏବଂ ସମ୍ଭାବନା

Unit 4 ଆରୋହାନୁମାନର ଆକାରଗତ ଭିଭି, ଆରୋହାନୁମାନର ବସ୍ତୁଗତ ଭିଭି ଓ ପ୍ରକଳ୍ପ

Unit 5 ଭାରତୀୟ ଦର୍ଶନର ବୈଶିଷ୍ଟ୍ୟ, ଜୈନ୍ୟ ଦର୍ଶନ ଓ ବୌଦ୍ଧ ଦର୍ଶନ

CHSE Odisha Class 11 Logic Syllabus (+2 1st Year)

[+2 First Year Arts]

Unit 1
Nature of Logic: Definition of logic, Structure of Argument, Sentence and proposition, truth and validity, sound and unsound arguments, Principles of Logic.
Logic and Language: Used of language, words and terms, Denotation, Corrugation, and Extension.

Unit 2
Propositions: Classification of Propositions, Reduction of Logical form.
Distribution of Terms, Sevenfold relation of Propositions, Square of Opposition of Propositions.

Unit 3
Nature, Problems, and Procedure of Induction: Induction and Deduction, Primary and Secondary Induction, Procedures of Induction, Problem of Induction.
Induction and probable Inference: Scientific Induction, Induction by Simple enuveration, Analogy, Statistical syllogism.

Unit 4
Formal Grounds of Induction: Law of uniformity of Nature, Law of Caudation, Qualitative and Quantitative marks of causatin, Cause, and Condition, Different views of Causation, Plurality of causes, Conjunction of causes, Inter mixture of effects.
National Grounds of Induction: Observation and Experiments.
Hypothesis: What is a Hypothesis? Conditions of legitimate Hypothesis, Proofs of Hypothesis.

Unit 5
Characteristics of Indian Philosophy, Jingoism: Syadavada and Anekantavada.
Buddhism: Four Novel Truths and Dependent Origination.

CHSE Odisha Class 11 Text Book Solutions

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