CHSE Odisha Class 11 Political Science Book Solutions (+2 1st Year)

CHSE Odisha 11th Class Political Science Book Solutions (+ 2 1st Year)

CHSE Odisha Class 11 Political Science Book Solutions in English Medium

Unit 1 Understanding Political Theory

Unit 2 Basic Concept

Unit 3 Indian Constitution

Unit 4 Constitution at Work-I

Unit 5 Constitution at Work-II

CHSE Odisha Class 11 Political Science Book Solutions in Odia Medium

CHSE Odisha Class 11 Political Science Syllabus (+2 1st Year)

First Year CHSE (2022-2023)
Political Science Paper-I
(Foundation of Politics and Government)

Part A: Political Theory

UNIT I Understanding Political Theory

  1. Political Theory: An Introduction-What is Politics? Nature and scope of Politics; Usages of Political Theory. (4 Periods)
  2. State: Definition; Elements of State. (4 Periods)
  3. Nature of State Activity: Individualism; Welfare State; Globalisation. (6 Periods)

UNIT II Basic Concepts

  1. Liberty: Positives and Negative Liberty; Types of Liberty (2 Periods)
  2. Equality: Meaning; Dimensions; Significance of Equality. (2 Periods)
  3. Justice: Meaning; Dimensions; Significance of Social Justice. (2 Periods)
  4. Rights: Meaning; Types; Human Rights and its significance. (4 Periods)
  5. Secularism: Meaning; Western and Indian approaches to Secularism. (2 Periods)
  6. Development: Meaning; Models of Development; Capitalistic model, Socialist model; Sustainable Development. (4 Periods)

Part B: Indian Constitution At Work

UNIT-III (Indian Constitution)

  1. Philosophy of the Constitution; Constitution- the Making; Constituent Assembly; Preamble; Basic Features; Amendment Procedure. (8 Periods)
  2. Rights in the Indian Constitution; Fundamental Rights; Directive Principles of State Policy; Relationship between Fundamental Rights & Directive Principles of State Policy; Fundamental Duties. (8 Periods)

UNIT IV Constitution at Work-I

  1. Election and Representation: Elections and Democracy; Election Commission- Composition and Functions; Challenges to Free and Fair Elections; Electoral Reforms. (8 Periods)
  2. Legislature: Parliament- Composition and Functions; State Legislatures (Odisha Vidhan Sabha) Composition and Functions. (8 Periods)

UNIT IV Constitution at Work-II

  1. Executive: President- Powers & Position; Prime Minister Functions & Role; Governor- Powers and Position; Chief MinsterFunctions & Role. (8 Periods)
  2. Judiciary: Structure of Judiciary; Supreme Court; High Court; Judicial Review; Judicial Activism. (10 Periods)

Bureau’s Higher Secondary (+2) Political Science, Paper-I (English & Odia) Published by Odisha State Bureau of Textbook Preparation & Production, Bhubaneswar.

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